Year of the Airman: SSgt. Kaida Smith

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  • By SSgt. Brooke Spenner

Year of the Airman: SSgt. Kaida Smith, 932d Customer Support Technician/ Force Management Assistant

932nd: What inspired, or who inspired you to join the Air Force Reserve?

Smith: The real reason I joined the Air Force Reserves is because I wanted a change in scenery and wanted to challenge myself with something I never thought I would do. I would definitely say it paid off and helped me become the person I am today because of my decision.

932nd: Career Development Supervisor and Force Management Assistant.

Smith: In career development I am the primary POC for BMT orders, enlisted promotions, and DD214s. In Force Management, I manage the wing evaluation roster, Award and Decorations, manning, and etc.

932nd: What is your favorite part of your job?

Smith: My favorite part of my job is working with my amazing coworkers that motivate me daily . Also helping and educating customers on their MPF needs.

932nd: Does your job relate to your civilian life, job, hobbies, interests, school?

Smith: Somewhat, I have always been interested in Human Resources, but my heart is truly in the medical field, which is what I currently do on the civilian side.

932nd: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Smith: I see myself as a traveling nurse, having a healthy family of my own, and continue to help those around me within my expertise.

932nd: What did you pursue your bachelor's degree in and why did you choose that degree?

Smith: I pursued my bachelor's degree in Health Management, because I love the healthcare field and have experience working in human resources along with management. I feel as though that was the best fit for me.