Absentee Voting Guide - Illinois



Who May Use This Application

Block 1 Instructions. Place a checkmark only in one block. Marking 1c. generally means that you were a resident of that state before departing the U.S. and your intent to return at some time in the future is uncertain. Marking block 1.c. applies for a Federal ballot only (if one is printed by the state).


Type of UOCAVA Voter Required

(a) A Member Of The Uniformed Services Or Merchant Marine On Active Duty, or An Eligible Spouse Or Dependent
(b) A U.S. Citizen Residing Outside The U.S. Temporarily
(c) A U.S. Citizen Residing Outside The U.S. Indefinitely

Block 2 Instructions. MY INFORMATION. Block 2d. RACE. This information is requested from some states for statistical purposes by the Department of Justice in their enforcement of the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act. See Voting Assistance Guide.

a. Typed Name (Required): Last name. First name. Middle name. Please enter your suffix, e.g., Jr. Sr. III, etc., if applicable
b. Previous Name (if applicable)Please enter your previous surname
c. Sex (Check Box -- choose only one): Male or Female.
d. Race.Please enter the appropriate race code as listed in the Voting Assistance Guide pages for your state.
e. Date of Birth.Please enter your date of birth in the following format: eight digits, Month, Month, Day, Day, Year Year Year Year (MMDDYYYY)
f. Social Security Number. Only the last four digits of the Social Security Number are required when you do not have a State Driver's License or ID Number. Some states require the entire number as well as the Driver's License or ID Number. Check the Voting Assistance Guide for those states.
g. State Driver's License or ID Number. If you do not have a State Driver's License or ID Number, make sure you complete section 2.f. above.
h.Telephone Number (No DSN number, include all international prefixes)
i.Fax Number (No DSN number, include all international prefixes)
j.Email Address
Block 3. Instructions. MY VOTING RESIDENCE ADDRESS. Enter the complete legal voting residence address (including county) where you ACTUALLY LIVED in the state or territory. Your right to vote in your state and determination of your voting precinct depend on the physical location of your residence while you were in the state. DO NOT USE A POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER. In an area with no street names, indicate route name and number and box number. Also provide any additional information necessary to physically describe your residence location. If you have never lived in the U.S., check the Guide for the states that allow you to vote using a relative's voting residence.

3. My Voting Residence Address Required (For military, use legal residence. For overseas citizen, use last legal residence in U.S.)
a. Number and Street (Cannot be a P.O. Box) (Required)
b. City, Town or Village
c. County
d. State
e. Zip Code. Please enter the five digit zip code. If known, please enter the last four digits of the zip code
Block 4. Instructions. WHERE TO SEND MY VOTING MATERIALS. Item 4a.is the complete mailing address where you are now living. If you have an alternate address or an address of a mail forwarding service that delivers your mail more quickly, enter that address in Item 4b. If your state allows absentee ballots to be sent via e-mail or fax, check the appropriate box in Item 4c. See Voting Assistance Guide This form should be resubmitted every time you change your mailing address.

4. Where to Send My Voting Materials
a. My Current Address Required: (Where I live now)(Required)
b. My Forwarding Address: (NOTE: complete 4.b. only if you do not want your ballot mailed to the address in block 4.a.)
c. I prefer to receive my absentee ballot, as permitted by my State. By (Check Box -- choose only one): Mail, Fax, Email.
Block 5. Instructions. MY POLITICAL PARTY PREFERENCE. This is an optional entry, however, this information is required by most states in order to vote in primary elections. Consult the Voting Assistance Guide for any state information required.

5. My Political Party Preference (Optional, but may be required by states to register to vote in primary elections).
Block 6. Instructions. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

(1) Provide any information that may assist the local election official in approving this application. It would be helpful if you provide the date you last lived at the address in Block 3.a. and if you list a name and telephone number of a local contact in the event the local election official cannot contact you and has a question concerning the application.

(2) If you were previously registered to vote in a jurisdiction other than the one in which you are applying, indicate "previously registered in (location)."

(3) If you are NOT requesting absentee ballots for all Federal elections (state and local elections where applicable), including Primary, Special, Runoff and General elections, note in Item 6 the election for which you are requesting the absentee ballot, i.e.,"Primary election only".

(4) If your state provides a special state write-in ballot and you are requesting one, indicate the reason you are requesting a special write-in ballot or place a sticker from the Voting Assistance Guide in this section.
6. Additional Information (See instructions above and consult the Voting Assistance Guide for state instructions.)
I swear or affirm, under penalty of perjury, that:
1. I am a member of the Uniformed Services or merchant marine on active duty or an eligible spouse or dependent of such a member, or a U.S.
citizen temporarily residing outside the U.S., or other U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S., and
2. I am a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age (or will be by the day of the election), eligible to vote in the requested jurisdiction, and
3. I have not been convicted of a felony or other disqualifying offense or been adjudicated mentally incompetent, or if so, my voting rights have been reinstated, and
4. I am not registering, requesting a ballot, or voting in any other jurisdiction in the U.S., and
5. My signature and date below indicate when I completed this document, and
6. The information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that a material misstatement of fact in completion of this document may constitute grounds for conviction of perjury.
Signed: Date:
Signed: Date:
(Witness/Notary and address (if required))

Ensure that you read the oath, sign, and enter the date you completed the form in the spaces provided.Not all states require a witness or notary, and state laws vary regarding the voting of convicted felons. Consult your state section of the Voting Assistance Guide or your Voting Assistance Officer for your state's requirements.

7. AFFIRMATION (Required)

County Clerks

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Voter Questions

How do I vote absentee if I know I will be gone during the voting season?

The majority of wing members are residents of illinois. The information further below is specific to Illinois. If you need information on instructions for other states, please go to the Voting Assistance Web site.