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  • Building community, excellence, gratitude

    I owe a lot fo gratitude to the fellow Airmen, friends and mentors that have helped influence my career with their guidance, friendship and leadership. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people and it is from them that I learned everything that brought me to this place in my career. 
  • News focus commentary: What are you doing to help your Airmen?

    Tech. Sgt. Brittany Paus speaks about ways to embrace change, inspire troops and help create a better Air Force cultural for all.
  • 932nd AW Airman Spotlight - Airman First Class Biayi

    Airman First Class Nestor Biayi, 932nd Airlift Wing Airman spotlight.
  • Thoughts on leadership

    If you don’t like the actions of your Troops... what are YOU doing to INSPIRE them to be better?!  Output and behavior, are in direct contrast to the tone and environment their leadership put in motion.  Nothing is a life sentence...it is by learning from our failures that we become the best versions of ourselves. Situation: My son Connor and I
  • SOS: Boost Your Brain

    Subject: SOS: Boost Your BrainYour brain is a vital organ just like your heart, yet it's common to assume that you don't have control over what goes on above your neck.  Case in point:  Have you ever had a conversation about brain health with your doctor?  According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of people think Alzheimer's, one form of cognitive
  • Happy New Year 932nd Airlift Wing family!

    Airmen of the 932nd, What a year 2018 was for the 932nd Airlift Wing!  Although I officially joined your wing less than 60 days ago, I have been working closely with Colonel Smith and many of the support agencies that you all offered my Airmen as I served as the Commander of the 954th RSS in U.S. Transportation Command.   I have been touched by
  • Airman Spotlight; Staff Sgt. Jessica Roberts

    Airman spotlight on U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jessica Roberts, 932nd Airlift Wing emergency actions controller.
  • Insights to success and overcoming challenges captured to help inspire Airmen

    The 932nd Director of Psychological Health and the 932nd public affairs staff brainstormed ideas to help military members and civilians see ways to get past big rocks or challenges in their lives.  One way they decided to try an extra effort, was to open up an opportunity for wing members and special visitors to speak and tell their challenging
  • Airman Spotlight; Tech. Sgt. Timothy Barbee

    Airman spotlight on U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Timothy Barbee, noncommissioned officer in charge of Plans and Scheduling for the 932nd Airlift Wing Maintenance Group.
  • Airman Spotlight; Airman Kathryn Baskerville

    Plans to commission for Airman Kathryn Baskerville, 932nd Force Support Squadron customer service tech, and the 932nd Airlift Wing Airman Spotlight for March.