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  • Airman Spotlight; Airman 1st. Class Jeremy Zirkelbach

    Airman's Spotlight with Airman 1st. Class Jeremy Zirkelbach, a 932nd Maintenance Squadron crew chief.
  • 'Thanks for all your hard work over the past year'

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve:Last month marked my first anniversary as commander of this amazing organization. It has been an incredibly busy year.My focus is taking care of our Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families while ensuring we continue to provide robust capability to the joint force. I have no doubt we are ready for the future
  • Remembering September 11th, 2001

    Staff Sgt. Ryan James, 932nd Mission Support Group commander’s support staff, shares his story from September 11th and how it changed his life, and how he supported his active duty spouse with organizing Team Scott’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and Reveille.
  • Enhancing trust is the first step to reforming the organization

    In my last commentary, I rolled out three individual lines of effort – comprehensive readiness, deliberate talent management and enhancing organizational trust – to align with our strategic priorities. Today, I want to focus on LOE3, enhancing organizational trust.
  • A civilian perspective on a change of command

    As a summer intern and absolute novice to military life, I had the honor of attending the recent Assumption of Command for Col. J. Scot Heathman, and wanted to share how interesting and inspiring it was for me.
  • Enlisted force lines of effort will help us meet strategic goals

    Since being selected as the command chief, I have been routinely asked about my focus areas for the enlisted force. At first, I was a little hesitant to establish focus areas because our priorities of prioritizing strategic depth while accelerating readiness, developing resilient leaders and reforming the organization have been clearly defined by our commander, Lt. Gen. Scobee.
  • Building community, excellence, gratitude

    I owe a lot fo gratitude to the fellow Airmen, friends and mentors that have helped influence my career with their guidance, friendship and leadership. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people and it is from them that I learned everything that brought me to this place in my career. 
  • News focus commentary: What are you doing to help your Airmen?

    Tech. Sgt. Brittany Paus speaks about ways to embrace change, inspire troops and help create a better Air Force cultural for all.
  • 932nd AW Airman Spotlight - Airman First Class Biayi

    Airman First Class Nestor Biayi, 932nd Airlift Wing Airman spotlight.
  • Thoughts on leadership

    If you don’t like the actions of your Troops... what are YOU doing to INSPIRE them to be better?!  Output and behavior, are in direct contrast to the tone and environment their leadership put in motion.  Nothing is a life is by learning from our failures that we become the best versions of ourselves. Situation: My son Connor and I