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The 932nd Airlift Wing current POC for Yellow Ribbon is Senior Master Sgt. Barbara Woodruff, located in the 932nd AW Headquarters, building 3650.  The phone number is:

  • 618-256-2595, DSN 576-2595.

The 932nd Airlift Wing's Yellow Ribbon falls under Air Force Reserve Command's Office of Deployment Cycle Support, who is charged with ensuring that deploying reservists and their families are well taken care of under the command's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.

The program requires that support and reintegration programs are provided in all phases of deployment. One provision of the program requires units to hold reintegration activities at 30-, 60- and 90-day intervals for all members who were mobilized or deployed for 90 days or more.

Key 932nd AW agencies for this program include Chaplain, Civilian Personnel Office, Family Readiness, Financial Management, Health Services, Human Resource Development Council, Legal Office, Military Personnel Flight, Services Flight and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

Total Force Service Center

Customer service experts are available 24/7 to address all your personnel questions, beyond the Yellow Ribbon program.

NOTICE: The Total Force Service Center number for all regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilian Airmen and Air Force retirees is now 800-525-0102. This number is now available worldwide through the AT&T USA Direct global dialing code. (

Program Purpose

The Air Force Reserve Command's Yellow Ribbon Program is a result of a congressional directive in the 2007 Defense Appropriations Act that mandated reserve components provide additional deployment support and reintegration to reservists and their families.

Its purpose is to ensure support and outreach services are readily available to unit members, their families and communities throughout a deployment cycle. Not only does the program focus on pre-deployment activities, but also reintegration activities after the end of any deployment or mobilization lasting 90 days or longer. Members will receive appropriate pay and allowances for attending these deployment support and reintegration activities.

The three main stages of the 932nd Airlift Wing's Yellow Ribbon Program are:

Pre-Deployment: From time of alert to deployment. At this stage, the focus is to provide education and ensure the readiness of reservists, their families, employers, and affected communities for the rigors of combat deployment and family separation

Deployment: During this time period, the focus is on the challenges and stress associated with separation and combat. Keeping in touch with family members to ensure they have a local support network and employers, to make sure they have current information on any federal programs affecting deployed reservists, is an important part of this stage.

Post-Deployment/Reconstitution: From arrival at home station and the next 180 days. Initial reintegration activities will provide information about resources available to help a reservist transition back to civilian life as well as connecting them with service providers who can assist in overcoming challenges of reintegration.

Activities will be conducted at 30, 60 and 90-day intervals. For the Yellow Ribbon Program, families and family members are defined as spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a combined team effort that includes a host of base organizations.

Reintegration Event

Officials at 932nd Airlift Wing are working on details for the next Yellow Ribbon event. For the latest information, contact SMSgt. Barb Woodruff at 618-256-2595, DSN 576-2595.

Points of Contact

There are a number of base agencies at Scott that contribute to the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. Key offices and their telephone numbers are:

  • 932nd AW YELLOW RIBBON:  618-256-2595, DSN 576-2595.

Chaplain: (618) 229-7017
Family Readiness: (618) 229-7555