One last hurrah- Master Sgt. David Odem

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  • 932nd Airlift Wing
An interview with the Gateway newspaper:

David Odem's official retirement
date is Feb. 2, 2007.

When did you enlist into the

On active duty I started
basic training Mar. 25, 1969, but
signed up 120 Day enlistment prior
to the start of basic.

I started with the Air Force
Reserve in June, 1980.
How many total years do
you have in the military? 30
years five months. By the time I
retire it will be 30 years, seven

How many of those were active
duty? Active duty was for four

How many were with the Wing?
26 years in the wing.

Explain what lead you to join the
military? Primarily to avoid being
drafted into the army.
I received the draft notice immediately
after I enlisted into the Air
But I did not like rice patties.
What is your current military
job title? I am assigned to the 932nd
AES as a 4A071 (Health Services Management
Specialist. Since Dec. 2004, I
have been NCOIC of Newcomers.

Describe the various military jobs
you've held over the years. Mostly
running and working orderly room under
Squadron commanders.
I also did training for AES for a for
a short time. Worked in a classified mail/
communications office for 2½ yrs and
Transporation Administration.

What lead you into these jobs?
Mostly I was assigned.

What are you going to miss the
most about the wing? I will miss being
a part of what is going on here.
If you could do one portion of
your career over again what would it
be? I should have stayed active duty.
One last 'hurrah' for
Master Sgt. Odem last trip to the "chow
hall" at Scott Air Force Base, Ill.
Master Sgt. David Odem in his early
days as an Air Force Airman.

Who is the most memorable military
character during your career?
My first reserve supervisor, Senior Master
Sgt. Ken Curry.

What advice could you offer to the
younger Airmen? Obey those above
you and do your job the best you can.
You are a very important part of the
team wherever you work.

What are your retirement plans
(golfing, traveling, shopping, fishing
etc.)? I will not be able to fully retire, I
will need another job for two years, but
when I do I would like to travel and fish.