Holiday Travel Safety

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Joe Klimaski
  • 932nd Airlift Wing Safety Office

932nd Airlift Wing Occupational Safety Manager

Historically, the holidays are always some of the biggest travel weekends of the year for Americans.  Unfortunately, busy travel creates additional risks and the chance of motor vehicle mishaps increases, so travel safety is paramount when hitting the road over the holidays.

As the end of the year dwindles down and if you plan to travel over the upcoming holiday weekends, take a little extra time to plan, prepare, and exercise some good old-fashioned risk management…  Little things like servicing your vehicle prior to a road trip, not driving for extended periods of time (less than 8 hours), not driving in hours of darkness or poor weather conditions, and taking extra time to get to your destination are some simple ways to stay safe when traveling.  Keep in mind, there are a lot of drivers are on the roads during the holidays, and drivers by nature are largely unpredictable…  Consequently, more drivers = more risk, so plan ahead to keep your families safe while traveling over the holidays.