Who is this man, this pilot?

  • Published
  • By Lucinda Kilmer
  • Spouse of Lt. Col. Wesley Kilmer, AES commander
The patch says
U.S. Air Force,
his eye is keen and true. 

He knows the drill -- he
studied well mind pitch
and yaw, keep course. 

Lift exceeds drag:
there's magic
sweet wanderlust and

That yonder, blue and wild
and vast proves all the
laws of physics. 

It isn't only hardware:
gauges, switches, throttle.
It's heart and soul -
his mettle.

No mere machine

His reach and grasp
are equal,
that's what his
heaven's for:
hit apogee, then bank
and turn,
now head for home,

They who fly, who keep
us free, have courage in their

America is beautiful
for brave men such as he.