Air Force releases new memo, doctrine on mission command

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Air Force recently released two documents on mission command.

On Aug. 16, the Air Force released a memo that elaborates on the operationalization of mission command and its application to the Air Force Future Operating Concept, Agile Combat Employment, and the daily mission accomplishment of Airmen at all levels.

In addition, Air Force Doctrine Publication 1-1, Mission Command, illustrates the mission command principles of centralized command, distributed control, and decentralized execution. It also introduces the “Five Cs” of mission command—character, competence, capability, cohesion and capacity—the individual and organizational attributes needed to implement mission command.

In 2021, Air Force Doctrine Publication 1: The Air Force was revised to orient the Air Force for strategic competition and reflect the service’s strategic approach, Accelerate Change or Lose. AFDP-1 acknowledges that Airmen will operate in environments characterized by increasing uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change, and establishes mission command as the Air Force’s approach to command and control of Airpower. AFPD 1-1 provides additional guidance on the application of mission command.

The release of these two additional documents reinforces the service’s return to a philosophy of mission accomplishment that empowers subordinate decision making guided by commander’s intent.