932nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron AOC

  • Published
  • By SSgt. Brooke Spenner

The 932nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron held an assumption of command ceremony, August 7, 2022.

The new commander, Col. Jennifer Brothers, explained how much she has already seen and is impressed with the work of the squadron and is looking forward to continuing to be a successful squadron.

The 932d Aeromedical Staging Squadron's mission is the generation and execution of an En-Route Patient Staging System (ERPSS). The primary function of a staging facility is housing and caring for patient's awaiting aeromedical evacuation, in addition to providing the transportation to and from the aircraft. We can man up to a 250 bed facility and house patients for 24 hours or longer if needed. We are the key component to facilitating the continuum of care for our wounded warriors.

“My one priority, the one thing I am passionate about is making a difference, with the wing, group, and most importantly the squadron and the Airman because that’s where I started. I was enlisted, I started out as an Airman Basic. I have had an incredible military career, I am so fortunate to have had great mentors. The one lesson that resonated with me, take care of your Airman. If you take care of your people, then your people will take care of you. Everything else just falls into place,” she said.

The assumption of command is a military tradition that formally signifies the transfer of responsibility from one commanding officer to another, symbolized through the passing of a guidon.