Bad weather reminders for upcoming winter

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As we get ready for the Thanksgiving holidays and the December UTA, bad winter weather could also come along.  


The installation commander is the approval authority for base operating procedures in the event of inclement weather.

Depending on the circumstances of the winter weather activity, the installation commander may authorize the following: early release, delayed reporting or mission-essential reporting only. 

EARLY RELEASE: Unit commanders and supervisors are authorized to release non-mission essential personnel according to the guidelines of the early release notification.   All non-mission essential personnel will need to pick up their children from the Child Development Centers and Youth Center. Units are encouraged to stagger their release to avoid congestion while exiting the base.  

DELAYED REPORTING AUTHORIZED [with a specified time stamp]:  DELAYED REPORTING AUTHORIZED ON __________[date] FOR __________[TIME]:  The purpose for delayed reporting during hazardous weather conditions is to allow base personnel additional time for safe travel to the base if needed. Delayed reporting applies to military and civilian personnel; leave will not be charged for the authorized delay period. This action also allows base recovery personnel time to plow snow from streets and parking lots ahead of your arrival. When a specific time is given to report, personnel should not report earlier than the specified time. The CDCs and Youth Center will only accept drop-offs for children of mission-essential personnel until the specified time. During these situations, only the Belleville and Shiloh Gates will be open unless otherwise announced, so please plan your arrival accordingly and work with your supervisor or work center for any other reporting requirements.  All medical appointments on base before that time will be rescheduled. If appointments are off base, please check with your provider for guidance.  Gate guard volunteers are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the time stamp.

MISSION-ESSENTIAL ONLY REPORTING: Personnel identified by their commanders as mission-essential are to report for duty.  Only those children of designated mission-essential personnel are allowed to be dropped off at the CDCs and Youth Center.  During these times, the Commissary and the Exchange will be closed unless otherwise stated and all other base activities cancelled as well.  All Medical appointments will be rescheduled.



In addition to AtHoc messages being sent as required, information about inclement weather base operating procedures will be released through:


-- the Scott AFB public website --

-- the Straight Talk Line at 256-SAFB (7232)

-- the Scott AFB Facebook page (which has a direct link off of

-- base-wide emails (for early release only).  

The Team Scott community is highly encouraged to check these sources first.

Information will also be released to the following media outlets: 

-- KTVI Channel 2 (
-- KMOV Channel 4 (
-- KSDK Channel 5 (

Service members and civilians unsure of base operating procedures or their reporting status should speak with their supervisor or unit commander.