• Hiring recruiters

    The Air Force Reserve is hiring recruiters. For anyone interested in considering a career in Recruiting, some of the requirements are: Must be a Senior Airman and have completed Airman Leadership School. Tech Sergeant is normally the highest rank. Must have served at least 1 year in the Air Force Reserve Must not have more than 16 years active duty
  • Making headlines

  • Chiefs Group Airman Development Class offered

    For your planning purposes, the next Chiefs Group Airman Development class is scheduled for Saturday, 15 September (off-UTA). The subject is Leadership/Communication - Keys to Success, which is a repeat of the 15 March class. This time, though, we placing more emphasis on enlisted career development. The class is for your Tech Sergeants who are
  • Rules change to require technicians to wear uniforms fulltime

    Rules change to require technicians to wear uniforms fulltime 8/8/2007 - ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- When people visit an Air Force Reserve Command unit during the week in the coming months, they are likely to see more people in military uniforms. The Air Force changed three of its instructions Aug. 7 to require all air reserve technicians to
  • Road rally coming soon

    The August Unit Training Assembly Road Rally & picnic is coming up fast...sign up now!Reservists are invited to bring their favorite vehicle and join the excursion as summer winds down.Driving skills not the best? Then find a ride and just come on out and enjoy some beverages & burgers together.The event location will be sent out prior to the UTA.
  • Double drill gets Airmen ready

    The May drill was unusual in that it emcompassed the May and July Unit Training Assemblies back to back. The Medical Squadron, firefighters, aeromedical evacuation squadron and other shops were heavily involved in the four day event. This exercise gave everyone from Airman to Colonel, a glimpse of challenges faced during overseas deployments in the
  • Spirit

    .A prayerful spirit has always been an important part of our national character, and it is a force that has guided the American people, given us strength, and sustained us in moments of joy and in times of challenge. On National Day of Prayer, we acknowledge God's grace and ask for His continued guidance in the life of our Nation." National Day of