Carrying flag is metaphor of life

  • Published
  • By an enlisted member
  • 932nd Airlift Wing
Reprinted from an earlier Gateway

I didn't know I'd be learning a valuable
lesson the first time I marched with the flag
and the 932nd Airlift Wing. Nine of us carried
the smaller 20 by 30-foot flag. 

We needed more people because it was windy. I
was in the middle at the back of the flag, and
I clutched the flag firmly and closely to my
neck. I couldn't see the ground at all.
It was difficult. I had to focus completely
on what I was doing as we marched and
sang cadences. My throat became dry, and
my voice started giving out toward the end. 

The lesson I learned was living by faith.
I couldn't see where I was walking. I didn't
think about that problem, but I was aware of
it. I trusted I could march without tripping or
falling. I focused on what I was doing and
how I was doing it, not on worrying over
where I was going or any problems ahead. I
dealt with challenges as they came up, doing
exactly what was necessary to complete
my duty. 

I was cognizant of my responsibility
to be a worthy representative of the U.S.
Air Force Reserve Command. I realized that this is exactly how I
should live out my faith. 

I don't need to worry or doubt. I trust
that all will turn out right. I have others who
walk with me and we share the same responsibility.
As a team, we deal with problems as
they come. We follow our appointed leaders,
trusting in their knowledge and wisdom. 

We look out for and encourage each other.
Challenges lie ahead, but I prepare accordingly. 

Finally, it's easy to work together
seamlessly when I've come to the full realization
that, "We are all in it together."