The million dollar question

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Mack Houseman
  • 932 AW
Question of the month: Who wants to be a millionaire???


The explosively
popular game show is
filled with tension, suspense, and a cash prize
of one million dollars.

The show debuted in 1999 in the U.S. It
was hosted by Regis Philbin and literally captured
the hearts and minds of 30 million viewers
three times a week.

There's no easier way
to make a million dollars than by correctly
answering successive multiple-choice question
of increasing difficulty...or is there?

Shall we "Ask the Audience," "Phone a
Friend" or use our "50/50" lifeline?

What would you say if I told you that the
Air Force offers you an opportunity to increase
your life-time earnings by nearly ONE
MILLION DOLLARS at no cost to you? It's

Let's "Ask the Audience" to find out
how. The audience says: education is the

The Air Force requires that you (enlisted
member) have a minimum of a high school
education (or equivelent) to join.

to the U.S. Census Bureau your lifetime earnings
with a high school education
is, on average, $1.2M. If
you complete a bachelors degree
your lifetime earnings leaps to $2.1M.

That's nearly a
million dollars.
Are you interested
in making
a million dollars?

Perhaps it's time to "Phone a Friend."
Our friend, in this case, is our Wing Education

The Air Force pays 100 percent
towards a bachelor's degree, up to $250 per
credit, 75 percent towards a master's degree
up to $187.50 per credit hour. You can receive
additional information on your educational
benefits from Staff Sgt. Crawford
(Wing Education) at 229-7070.

You're much better off not using your "50/
50," it's merely a flip of the coin and certainly
not worth chancing you're families future.

Take my advice...increase your
education...increase your income.

You too can be a Millionaire!