The Next Greatest Generation

  • Published
  • By Col. Thomas Tornillo
  • Retiring from 932nd Airlift Wing
The contributions and sacrifices of the
"Greatest Generation" helped shape the
course of our history.

The Greatest Generation
faced a difficult period during the Depression
and emerged victorious behind a
united front to defeat the evils of the Axis

This generation, that my father is
part of, brought an end to WW II. Once again
the United States of America is faced with
trying times, but with a very different enemy.

The attacks on September 11 brought pain and
suffering to our nation that we had not experienced
since Pearl Harbor. Only these attacks
on that dark day were against our men,
women and children, not our military.

The center of gravity that day was the will
of the American People. Terrorism showed
its ugly head on U.S. soil--and the world
changed. As with any adversity our nation
faces, the true spirit of America was brought
to the forefront.

Once again the military took
the lead in preserving freedom. The U.S. rallied
behind a cause. American Flags where
flown everywhere right after 9/11. Five years
later, most of the flags have come down. Five
years later, we are still fighting a War in the
Middle East. Five years later, life goes on as
normal for most Americans.

But life is anything but normal for our military members and
their families fighting a war in the desert. Life
is not normal for the families that have lost
loved ones in this conflict. Yet, through all
the adversity and difficult times, a new generation
emerges--The Next Greatest Generation.

This generation is the young men and
women who have stepped up, without a draft,
to preserve our freedom.

Men and women serving, fighting and
dying to and defend our great nation.

So as my career comes to a
close, I salute my fellow comrades
in arms and Godspeed to
the Next Greatest Generation.

NOTE: Col. Tom Tornillo finished his career as the vice commander of the 932nd Airlift Wing at Scott Air Force Base.