A dose of happiness goes a long way

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Doug Planer
  • 932nd Operations Group
It is hard for me to believe that my military service began over two decades ago.

It seems like only yesterday when I was at the MEPS station.
Now as I dip my toes gingerly into
the fresh waters of 2010, it is the beginning
of another decade of service and it's time
for some refreshing change.

This new decade begins with a year which even has a
snappy nickname, twenty-ten, that adds to
its coolness.

This time of year always brings the
American tradition of New Year's Resolutions.

However, since 2010 has a hop in its
step, let's try something new when it comes
to starting the year off right.

So I don't think the new year should
be welcomed with a lot of strict guidelines
or self-imposed regulations about our diets,
level of physical activity or commitments
to future accomplishments. In these days
after celebrations with families and friends,
we shouldn't tighten up or rein in--we
should loosen up and let go!

Understandably, some of you may be
thinking my suggestion is frivolous and immature;
a sophomoric plan, if you will. With the
upcoming inspections, namely our ORE and
ORI, and the constant demands of meeting
our on-going mission coupled with the demands
of your civilian job, and/or educational
demands, surely 2010 is the time to buckle
down, focus and get to work.

But I think I have learned the secret to
service in the past two decades: good things
happen to happy people. People with an upbeat
attitude somehow make buckling down,
focusing and getting to work palatable instead
of painful. It just stands to reason that if you
indulge yourself with a dose of happiness,
you'll affect those around you.
Our next months will be filled with
many challenges. Be the wingman on your team
who will monitor for the signs of burnout.

Remember to pace yourselves and take that
dose of happiness whenever you need it.
Suddenly, the world will become a place of
possibility and your positive outlook will
synergize you and your team.