Airman Spotlight; Tech. Sgt. Timothy Barbee

  • Published
  • By Christopher Parr
  • 932nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Airman spotlight with Tech. Sgt. Timothy Barbee, noncommissioned officer in charge of Plans and Scheduling for the 932nd Airlift Wing Maintenance Group.


932nd PA:  Why the Air Force Reserve?


TB:  After leaving active the active service in the Navy I thought it would be interesting to do something different in my military career. I always enjoyed a challenge and I thought to myself why not join a branch that had a lot of good opportunities for my career in the military, as well as training that would enhance my civilian career.


932nd PA:  What is your full job title and short description of your duties?


TB:  The title I hold is NCOIC of Plans and Scheduling for 932nd MXG. I am responsible for planning and scheduling aerospace vehicle maintenance and utilization requirements. Develops plans and establishes production schedules to meet mission requirements. Schedules aerospace vehicles, AGE, and associated support systems through maintenance phases. Determines maintenance capabilities to aid in developing operational schedules. Prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual utilization schedules for known maintenance and operational mission and training requirements. Reconciles flying hour data with Operations.


932nd PA:  What is one of your fondest memories since joining the 932nd AW?


TB:  The best moment I have with the 932nd so far, is on day one. After finishing administrative paperwork and meeting key people in the 932nd I was able to enjoy the annual picnic and meet more people in the 932nd.


932nd PA:  What would you like to do or see in the next few years within your career or with the AF Reserve?


TB:  I would like to see my career progressing. Being able to put on that next rank is very important to me and doing that in another branch of service means a lot to me. Not a lot of military members are able to have stories of advancing in their military career through two different branches of service.


932nd PA:  Any additional thoughts you want to share?


TB:  Never give up on something you’re passionate about. No matter how many walls you run into or bumps in the road you hit and having people tell you, that you can’t do something. It will all come together at the end, if you’re willing to keep moving forward. 


932nd PA: Thank you Tech Sgt. Timothy Barbee for sharing your Airman Story