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  • Pride comes from having served USA

     I'd never really thought about it until recently, but my father lied to me when I was a kid. Well, it was more of a distortion of the facts. Maybe he was trying to be funny. He has been known to have a sense of humor. Or maybe he was embarrassed at the time. I was probably in second grade when I asked my dad, who had served in the Air Force during
  • Respect

    Respect is more than a wordI was driving by my son's grade school a few months ago and saw on the billboard that the word of the month was "respect." I was impressed that the school took the time to work with our kids in developing these values in addition to developing them academically. I realized that it's never too early to learn about respect
  • Leadership and Character

    As I sit back and reflect on this past year and a half, I am simply filled with a sense of pride that defies description or appropriate adjectives. Please indulge me while I share my opinion on why this organization epitomizes these two mentioned traits. When I arrived at the 932d Airlift Wing in June of 2004, I found an organization mired in