Year of the NCO; Tech. Sgt. Lucy Rockwell

  • Published
  • By Christopher Parr
  • 932nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Today we spotlight Tech. Sgt. Lucy Rockwell, 932nd Airlift Wing, inspector directorate, inspections specialist.

932AW: In just a few words what is an NCO?

LR: Airman that show up to duty with a strong sense of leadership, loyalty and dedication to the Air Force.

932AW: In your words, what are some responsibilities of an NCO?

LR: To be the buffer between Airman and Senior Enlisted and to be the backbone, to execute the mission and to help train those coming up to execute the mission.

932AW: What changed from being an Airman to becoming an NCO?

LR: Responsibility! Along with a sense of pride that I was given more responsibility and had a voice in decisions.

932AW: What do you think it takes to become an NCO?

LR: I think it takes passion, drive, and the willingness to give your all.

932AW: What advice would you offer Airman?

LR: Never give up, you’re going to hit a hall, but keep going and remember we’re a team.

932AW: Do you have a mentor or anyone that helped you in career to becoming an NCO?

LR: Honestly, my dad, he instilled the work ethic’s, the loyalty, and the responsibility it takes to be an NCO since I was little.

We thank you Tech. Sgt. Rockwell and appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us!