Air Force Reserve Command medical leadership visit inspires 932nd Airlift Wing Medical Group Citizen Airmen

  • Published
  • By Christopher Parr
  • 932nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

During the August unit training assembly, Citizen Airmen from the 932nd Medical Group were visited by Col. Nichole Hurley, Air Force Reserve Command command nurse, Col. Julianna Olson, AFRC deputy command surgeon, and Senior Master Sgt. J. Allan Pickren, MAJCOM functional manager, Aug. 5, 2023, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

The visit underscored the importance of acknowledging the pivotal role that medical Citizen Airmen play in the Air Force Reserve mission. The AFRC medical leaders engaged in a series of insightful discussions, highlighting opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the medical career field.

Through candid conversations and guidance, the senior leaders imparted invaluable advice, fostering a sense of pride and purpose among the medical Citizen Airmen.

“Our visit with the 932nd Reserve medical units, Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, and the 954th Joint Transportation Reserve Unit was outstanding,” said Pickren. “There was a palpable sense of pride in each of the units and their commitment and service to their population and the AFR was evident.” 

The headquarters AFRC/SG team all shared similar opinions about the importance of getting out and visiting with members in the field, to see the amazing things being accomplished in such short periods of time, as well as provide them the opportunity to hear about any challenges the medical Airmen may be up against. 

Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Swan, senior enlisted leader, 932nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron, spoke with Pickren about challenges with non-commissioned officer turnover and the difficulties filling supervisor positions.  Swan added another concern was the limited amount of time for mentoring during a UTA.

“They are the reason we have a job and we owe them our time and efforts in an attempt to eliminate unnecessary barriers in executing their missions,” added Pickren.  

Col. Christopher Spinelli, commander, 932nd  Medical Group was the host for the visit and was excited for his medical staff and Airmen to share their thoughts from the field as well as get the perspective from the MAJCOM on current and future medical issues.

“As one of the four medical groups in AFRC, it was our pleasure to host the command nurse and the Deputy SG over the August unit training assembly,” said Spinelli.

The visit served as a poignant reminder of the Air Force Reserve's dedication to fostering a strong, cohesive community that values its members and empowers them to reach new heights. By investing in the growth and development of its medical Citizen Airmen, the Air Force Reserve continues to uphold its mission of excellence.