Airman Spotlight: Senior Airman Janice Williams

  • Published
  • By Christopher Parr
  • 932nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Airman Spotlight: Senior Airman Janice Williams

932nd AW: What inspired, or who inspired you to join the Air Force Reserve? What is your job here at the 932nd AW and a short description?  Any specific reasons why you wanted your current job? 

JW: I joined the Air Force Reserves because I was currently in college at SIUC for Chemistry/Pre-Med, while also working two part-time jobs and taking the college’s AFROTC. Keeping up with the grades for med school, and taking 18 college credit hours, on top of getting up in the morning for PT, and working constantly was unbearable. I knew I didn’t want to keep adding to my college debt, or drop out of college completely, so I contacted a recruiter for the reserves, and now I’m here. I chose this Air Force Specialty Code because I wanted a short tech school, and I thought it was a good skill/hobby, since I’m a reservist.

932nd AW: Do you have a family legacy of the military/Air Force/ Air Force Reserve and was that an influence on joining the Air Force Reserve?

JW: We’re an Air Force family so when I was little, I always wanted to be like my dad. He retired before I was born, but my siblings and I would always get to hear about his time in the service. I wanted to be a part of something like that, so I had my goal set on joining the Air Force ever since I was a little girl. My brother and sister also carried onto joining the Air Force. I work with my older brother and at the time of signing my enlistment paper, I had no idea that I would end up in the same career as him because I knew the AFSC as Crew Chief, but on paper it’s formally known as Aircraft Maintainer. My older sister joined AFROTC after my brother enlisted. Last year, she found out that she would commission as an officer in the Space Force, instead of commissioning into the Air Force. So I would say, my dad had a big impact on all of us joining the military, specifically the Air Force.

932nd AW: What is your Favorite Part of your job?

JW: Learning more about aircrafts and maintenance in general. 

932nd AW: Does your job relate to your civilian life and job?

JW: My Air Force career does not relate to what I’m going to school for, but I do enjoy doing maintenance on my truck, saving that extra money.

932nd AW: What are some of your personal or Air Force Career goals?

JW: I want to go Active Duty sometime soon if the AFSC I want is available. And eventually, I would like to commission as an officer after I receive my bachelor’s degree and apply for HPSP. After that, work as a radiologist on Active Duty until I reach my 20 year retirement and the rank of colonel.

932nd AW: Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

JW: Active Duty or full time out here unless I get my bachelor’s degree by then.

932nd AW: What do you look forward to with your time here at the  932nd AW, travel or work opportunities? 

JW: I’m interested in becoming a flyer and maybe traveling to Guam or Germany on a mission.