Force Generation Center commander's comments

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Stacey L. Scarisbrick
  • Force Generation Center

The year 2019 nearly over, and Reserve Airmen continue to impress me every day with their professionalism and dedication to defending American interests at home and abroad.  Wherever your mission may be, we stand ready to support you from start to finish and fully live up to our motto of “Ne Quid Pereat” – Let Nothing Be Lost.  When I assumed command this year I quickly realized that I am surrounded by a team with a wealth of expertise in every step of the mobilization process, ready to help individual reservists, commanders, and other stakeholders with their concerns. If you run into a problem, give us a call right away so that nothing is lost!

The mobilization process is in a state of constant flux, which reflects the very nature of combat agility that the process provides.  The FGC is working to streamline and improve our processes from mobilization to exercises. This volume of the FGC Newsletter highlights some of the biggest recent changes to the processes and highlights the contributions of Reserve Airmen to the PATRIOT WARRIOR exercise.  I think you will find it useful, however I first and foremost welcome your feedback and want to hear from you and ensure we are providing you with information relevant to your mission.

Editors Note: The referenced newsletter is available on the SharePoint.