Respect yourself

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Matthew P. Zahradka
  • 932nd AES
For some of us with a few miles under
our belts, we might remember a song
from the 1970's called "Respect Yourself" by
The Staple Singers. In this song, the message
is to respect yourself, and others will respect

One might ask how this pertains to military
life. In brief, if one will take the time and
effort to show proper courtesies to those
above or below them in rank, in turn, they
will earn the respect of those they serve with. 

It may sound like this is a trivial subject
to write about in an article for the 932nd Airlift
Wing, but during our hectic UTA weekends,
it becomes more of a priority to convey
these simple acts to let someone know that
you appreciate their service to our great nation. 

In turn, it instills self worth to receive
the recognition that you are taking your precious
time to serve with those who share your

Just think of our newest members to the
932nd Airlift Wing. 

Do you remember the pride you felt when
you began your military career? 

Share that pride with those who have taken up the cause
of freedom - show them the respect they've earned!