Thoughts on Patriotism

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Freddie Simon
  • 932nd Maintenance Sq. First Sgt.
In a general way, patriotism means
love of country -- love of one's
country or one's homeland. 

Look deep into the patriot, and we
find core values. I suggest that these core
values are more similar than different, when
compared across boundaries of politics,
economics, language, and other cultural

Most of us share high hopes for ourselves
and our fellow Americans. I believe
there has never been another nation on this
planet that has helped itself and others by
Patriotism our compassion for the
hungry, sick, poor, and oppressed. 

I believe that the American form of patriotism
is love of freedom. Freedom to change
jobs, to buy a car that you may not be able to
afford, to save your money or spend it, to have
a family or remain single, to go to church or
not. These are simple human choices that many
around the globe are denied and many would
like to deny us. 

For the patriots who have paid the ultimate
sacrifice, I'd like to share something I
heard: "They gave all their tomorrows so that
we can have our today." 

I would like to say THANK YOU and
I'm honored to serve with such a dedicated
group of PATRIOTS!!!