Building community, excellence, gratitude

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. John Sloan
  • 932nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

I owe a lot fo gratitude to the fellow Airmen, friends and mentors that have helped influence my career with their guidance, friendship and leadership. I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people and it is from them that I learned everything that brought me to this place in my career. 

Not only my previous supervisors guided me, but the Airmen that have worked for me taught me a lot about being a leader. I am humbled and honored that my commanders saw something in me and provided me with this opportunity to serve our Airmen in the 932nd Maintenance Group.

To our Airmen, I can only say, keep pressing for excellence in all you do! We have a great family here within the 932nd Airlift Wing and there are so many people willing to help and mentor you along your career path. 

Enjoy your time here, get to know Airmen outside of your Group, set a goal to learn something from everyone you meet.