932nd Airlift Wing Medical Group and Air Force Reserve Recruiting Showcase Opportunities at Health Science Career Expo

  • Published
  • By Christopher Parr

Citizen Airmen from the 932nd Airlift Wing Medical Group, in collaboration with Air Force Reserve Recruiting, made a notable presence at the Health Science Career Expo held at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), March 22, 2024, Belleville Illinois.

This event aimed to introduce students and professionals to diverse career pathways within the health science field.

A highlight of the event was the emphasis on the unique opportunities the Air Force Reserve offers individuals seeking a blend of military service, personal pursuits, and educational goals. Representatives underscored the flexibility afforded to reservists in choosing their assignments while retaining essential benefits, a feature particularly appealing to those seeking stability amidst personal commitments.

An instrumental component highlighted was the Training Affiliation Agreement (TAA) established in 2022, facilitating training for Reserve medical professionals across 12 approved Mercy Hospitals nationwide.

Notably, St. Louis Mercy Hospitals serves as a significant application hub for this agreement. This partnership fosters an exchange of best practices between medical professionals from Mercy Hospitals and the Reserve, enriching both parties' expertise.

The presence of the 932nd Medical Group and Air Force Reserve Recruiting at the Health Science Career Expo signifies a concerted effort to showcase the diverse opportunities available within the Air Force Reserve while fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the medical community.