Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign Still Underway

  • Published
  • By Latoya Crowe
  • Air Force Aid Society

Many Airmen have been impacted by the current health crisis.  Spouses have lost jobs, unbudgeted expenses have increased, and the stop-movement order for Airmen PCSing has meant that many are unable to follow their loved ones to new homes.  While younger Airmen struggle with childcare solutions, widows of retirees have added expenses to protect themselves from the coronavirus while continuing to receive regular care.

If you or a fellow Airman is in one of these situations, you can rely on the four affiliate charities of the Air Force.  Visit for contact information and to see how they can help.

The AF Assistance Fund Campaign began a few weeks ago, and since then, our Air Force Charities have responded to the effects this virus is having on our Air Force family in an all-out attempt to support their fellow Airmen and their families in any way possible.

The Gen & Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation has provided a “One Time Relief Grant” to each of their widows.  The Chief Operating Officer said that they realize our retirees will need additional funds to offset the costs of home deliveries of groceries and medical prescription needs.

Air Force Enlisted Village provides senior living services for Air Force surviving spouses.  AFEV is doing everything possible to protect its residents from the coronavirus including increasing staff to ensure residents’ safety.

The Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation (AFVCF) is home to widowed spouses who can no longer support themselves, through no fault of their own.  AFVCF is also providing extra protection for this vulnerable population through their entire continuum of healthcare.

The Air Force Aid Society is well-known to many Airmen for their emergency assistance, educational support and community programs to Air Force families, and as usual, AFAS has stepped in to assist many Air Force families who are facing financial challenges because of COVID-19 causing spouse unemployment and stop-movement orders.

With only a few weeks left in the email-only campaign, we still have quite a long way to go to meet our goal.  After 8 weeks of the 2019 AFAF Campaign, Airmen raised over $2.8 Million.  This year as we close our 8th week, the AFAF campaign now sits at $601,500, less than one-fourth of where we were last year. 

With this crisis, Airmen’s needs have increased.  If you are able, please help your fellow Airmen by supporting the only official campaign authorized Air Force-wide that is For Airmen, By Airmen!  Let’s continue our Air Force legacy of taking care of our own.

Please go to to use our new e-Giving platform to give via credit card, debit card, or e-Check. 

Thank you, in advance, for supporting the charities that support us.  Again, the AFAF Campaign is For Airmen, By Airmen, and giving today means helping a fellow Airmen—or possibly yourself—tomorrow!  #PayItForward