TFSC introduces chat function for the Guard and Reserve

  • Published
  • By HQ ARPC Public Affairs

The Total Force Service center has introduced a new tool for Guard and Reserve members to reach a representative with their personnel-related questions.


Now when members of the Air Reserve Component log into myPers, they will see a banner advertising the new chat feature to communicate with a live agent to handle their inquiries. Customers will also notice a pop-up screen will appear when they are reading knowledge articles on the myPers website asking if they would like to initiate a chat session.


To initiate a chat session, customers are encouraged to click either the banner or the pop up.


According to officials at the TFSC, representatives will still be available by phone but the chat feature will allow customers to avoid wait times for inquiries to be answered by phone.


When the chat is initiated, a ticket is automatically created for processing and the conversation will be included in the ticket so the customer service representative will have full knowledge of the issue.


The chat function will be available Monday-Friday from 0700-1700 CST. Representatives will be available after hours and on weekends to handle incoming queries by phone.


This new feature for the Guard and Reserve will only be available during the Covid-19 response. Upon returning to normal operations, members of the ARC will be able to reach a representative by phone at 1-800-525-0102.