Air Force Reserve Command to align with Total Force budget decisions

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Air Force Reserve Command leaders are taking steps, along with other major commands, to address changes to Total Force fleets in the Air Force Fiscal Year 2021 Presidential Budget released today.

“The Air Force Reserve FY21 budget remains in line with the Department of the Air Force plan for long-term strategic investment and modernizing for the future end fight,” said Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Air Force Reserve Command commander and chief of the Air Force Reserve. “This budget makes tough, but needed, choices to address tomorrow’s security challenges.”

Scobee and Air Force Reserve leaders are working with leadership and staffs at the other major commands on how specific changes to weapon systems will align with Air Force priorities.

For example, the FY21 budget calls for the reduction of C-130 Hercules over the next several fiscal years. While there are no impacts to the AFR C-130H fleet in the FY21 budget, Total Force C-130H reductions will remove 24 of the oldest, unmodified C-130H aircraft from the Air Force’s inventory.  These actions require prudent operational risk balancing to meet Joint Force tactical airlift needs, according to Air Mobility Command senior leaders. At the time of the FY21 budget release, no decision has been made on what non-Air Force Reserve units will be affected by C-130 force structure adjustments.

“The command will align with the Total Force approach to building the air and space forces we need, while continuing to seek parity with our Total Force partners,” Scobee said. “The AF Reserve will do so by balancing current and future missions through our Future Force Framework, or AF3.  AF3 assesses highly suitable missions for the Air Force Reserve by leveraging our strengths, such as experience, core capabilities and our private sector skills sets.”

In order to achieve the goals of the National Defense Strategy, the Department of the Air Force FY21 budget will pursue an integrated design and field modernized equipment and ready forces that can connect the Joint Force, dominate space, generate combat power and conduct logistics under attack.

“As the commander, my focus will continue to be on our Reserve Citizen Airmen and their families - ensuring a home for all 70,100 Reservists and their continued commitment to the Air Force and Air Force Reserve mission,” General Scobee said. “This budget makes difficult decisions to further achieve mission readiness and posture our force to meet future threats. The AFR will continue to take care of our Airmen who have answered our nation’s call to defend America’s homeland and interests abroad.”

For more information about the FY21 Air Force Budget, visit the Secretary of the Air Force Financial Management and Comptroller website at