Invite to apply for Senior NCO Leadership Course in 2020

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Invite to Apply - SNCOLC 21-22 March, 2020 @ 932 AW-(SNCOs ONLY)


 We excited to announce that the 932nd will be hosting SNCOLC in FY20! We want to extend the invitation to all of our Senior NCO's to apply for the upcoming 2 day course, starting 21 March – 22 March, 2020. All request to attend must be submitted to Wing Training NLT 15 March, 2020.


This course will be filled with an intense curriculum designed to prepare you for your role as a senior enlisted leader and help you be ready for reserve challenges and reform.  The objective of the course is to heighten your awareness of the dynamics of supervision and leadership in the workplace.  Emphasis is placed on management theories, leadership skills, time management, communications, counseling, and appropriate means of handling stress and making reservists more resilient and ready for the future.


Eligibility Requirements:


Senior NCO's (E7-E-9)


Prerequisites: E-7 Minimum grade


Length: 2 Days (Saturday and Sunday)


Funding: This course is centrally funded


A formal school request is to be returned to Wing Training. Members are to route request through their UTM/Grp UTM


We are really excited for this opportunity and do not want anyone to miss ut. Thank you for your time!

 For more information and form, stop by and see Tech Sgt. A'Donna Hudson, in Education and Training, located in the wing headquarters building.