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Recycling within unit is annual event, coming soon 18-19 December to Illinois unit

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- For the past several years, we've paused for a day in December to do some "clean
up" in our areas.  This is one of our annual Continuous Improvement Process
events known as a "5S".   The purpose of a 5S event is to simplify your work
environment be getting rid of things you don't use while improving quality,
efficiency and safety.  Each "S" stands for a step in achieving workplace
days are Tue - Wed, 18 - 19 Dec.

The instructions below tell you what the full-timers will be doing on 18 and
19 Dec, HOWEVER, I highly encourage you to spend some time "cleaning up"
your work area while you're here for the UTA weekend.  Please see the
instructions for Tue 18 Dec to see how to manage a clean-up.  If you have
any items you no longer want, please set aside and make sure your Senior ART
knows you have something for the flea market.  Each Senior ART can then
contact me and I'll arrange to have your items brought to the Auditorium on
18 Dec.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of what you
don't need and to organize your area while you're at it!

CLEAN UP DAY -- Tuesday, 18 DEC

On Tuesday, 18 Dec, everyone in the 932 AW, that is in the office, is asked to stop
work, mission permitting, and take time to clean out your files, desk, and
work areas including closets, bookshelves, storage rooms, etc.  

SORT through everything in your work area, keeping only what is necessary
for your work.  Eliminate what you don't need.  Do you need a real paper
copy?  If not, scan it then put your hard copy paper in the shred bins
available in each building.  Please plan to turn in any items you no longer
need to our Flea Market -- our own little "store" where anyone can take
anything there for use in their work space.

STRAIGHTEN up your area, organizing it.  Think about using labels, color
coding, making items easily accessible.     

SHINE your work area:  clean it up and inspect everything to make sure it is
in working order. 

STANDARDIZE by making it all look similar while making it easy to maintain
your work area.  

SUSTAIN your efforts by periodically reviewing your area.   

FLEA MARKET -- Wed 19 Dec in the 932 AW Auditorium

anything in your work area that you no longer use (such as staplers,
three-hole punches, furniture, cabinets, etc), bring it to our "flea market"
In the 932 Auditorium.  Everyone is invited to walk through these areas and
take anything that you can use in your work area on base (items cannot be
taken home).  Anything left on Thursday will be sent to DRMO.  This is a "your
trash is someone else's treasure" event AND it is very conveniently set for
the same day as our Full-Timer's Holiday Celebration.  Come have lunch, then shop! 

We will be sending out reminder notices of this event and provide you with
updated location information as we get it.  This is a heads up for you to
prepare for a MANDATORY CLEAN-UP DAY on 18 Dec.  

Please let me know if you have any concerns or thoughts on how to make the
most of our seventh annual 5S Event.   

932 AW MISSION:  Providing unrivaled, mission-ready citizen Airmen