Looking back and looking ahead (Commentary from the GATEWAY paper)

  • Published
  • By Col. Maryanne Miller
  • Outgoing 932nd AW commander
As I look back on the past two years as your commander, I just have to say I
am one of the luckiest people on earth. 

I have had the opportunity to work with many of you and witnessed your talents, expertise, and the dedication you bring to the mission. I have cherished the time spent serving with you during a trying time in our nation's history. I truly appreciate the life struggles you balance everyday to work the needs of the nation into the life you share with your family. 

This nation cannot do its bidding without your service and commitment. Thank you from my heart. These 100 steps walked with you have left me with great memories and lifelong friendships.
I remember the first FLOTUS (First Lady of The United States) trip, and the wide-eyed
looks and nervous smiles as we planned the mission for flawless execution. Today,
due to your flawless execution and professionalism, the 932nd is now one of the First
Lady's most preferred choices of airlift! 

In my tenure you have garnered the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, received two
Outstandings and two Excellents for the HSIs; earned "Best ever" in the history of
AFRC for time and attendance results during the UCI; received an "Excellent" for
programs during the MSEP and numerous "Excellents" and "Outstandings" during the
UCI throughout all the groups and wing staff. 

Your individual awards earned at the wing and command level have been record setting. You continually volunteer to deploy for OIF/OEF outside our "bucket" knowing
you could be asked to go again. Your contributions around the world during your annual
tours have been the most rewarding and sometimes the most heartbreaking as
we go to the poorest corners of the world to make a difference. 

As I look ahead, the future of the 932nd is as bright as it has ever been. You
have all the right pieces in place and you understand that individual prowess is great, but "great teams" make greater things become real. You each have your part to play on the team. Whether deployed to some small piece of the world, on the flight line, in the hospital, or behind a service counter; you each contribute to the overall effectiveness and function of your team and its ultimate success. 

When you take in the entire view of the contributions and difference you all make in
the world today, you can be grateful and proud of your service. I know I am extremely
proud to have been your commander and to have served with you all "leading the way".
My very best to you and your families; take care and God bless you all, 

Col. Maryanne Miller. 

P.S. If you ever find yourself at Travis AFB, please stop by the 349th and say, "Hi".