Black History Month feature: A1C Emmanuel Jones-Harris

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jonathan Stefanko
  • 932 Airlift Wing

In recognition of Black History Month, Airmen with the 932nd Airlift Squadron shared their stories of being a minority in the Air Force, the barriers they've overcome, and their thoughts on the service's initiatives to achieve a diverse and inclusive force. 

In this article, we talk with Airman 1st Class Emmanuel Jones-Harris, a St. Louis native who works as an Aviation Resource Management Apprentice with the 932nd Aviation Resource Management Office.  

Even though you're a newer Airman, enlisting in November 2021, is there something you've done that you're most proud of? 

A1C Jones-Harris: I am very proud that I've made it this far. I made it out of basic [military training] and out of tech school, and I am happy to be with the 932nd.  

Have you experienced any barriers or discrimination in your career or civilian life?

A1C Jones-Harris: Thankfully not. I've always had or been surrounded by a great support network, but I appreciate the emphasis the Air Force places on fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. Actually, while I was in basic training, zero tolerance for discrimination was one of the things that was hammered a lot. We kept being told what we look like, what we've done, or who we're attracted to isn't what is important. What we choose to do now is important—we're all working toward a common goal and are much stronger together than if we were working alone.

Do you have any advice for those curious about joining?

A1C Jones-Harris: Go in with an open mind. Everyone will have a unique experience. You'll have your good days and bad, but know that if you choose to wear the uniform, you'll be a part of something great and that what you'll do and who you are matters.

In honor of Black History Month, is there someone in history or your personal life you want to recognize?

A1C Jones-Harris: I want to recognize my parents, family, and civilian coworkers. Because of them, I had the confidence to join, giving me opportunities to grow and excel in ways I would never have otherwise. They inspired me to be a part of something larger and build upon my network and experience. They've really been my driving force.