Off to Texas

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kirk Peddicord
  • Former 932nd Maintenance Group commander
It is with a heavy heart that I say
good bye to all the great people in
the 932nd. 

I have been asked to
take over the maintenance group (MXG) at
Lackland AFB, Texas. It was almost three
years to the date I showed up here to command
the MXG, and in that time, I have been
blessed to have such terrific people to work
with. Each group has contributed to my happiness
here at Scott. 

First off , the great people in the mission
support group (MSG). Major Pekala
and Master Sgt. Ray are doing wonders and
have made it a very efficient organization.
What a huge impact getting the right combination
of people is for the success of an organization.
Attitudes are fantastic and Jackie
and Renee have been invaluable, helping me
sort out all the issues and speed bumps we
in maintenance come across on a day to day
basis. I enjoy visiting with you all up in the
loft! Stephanie, your team with Amy and
Terrie is absolutely spot on and the rest of
the crew are always willing to help. 

The medical group is a truly impressive
group. Col. Patterson and I see why
you are very proud of your people. I have to
thank your people for adjusting to the needs
of the MXG. Setting up shop to administer
vaccinations along with giving us our mandatory
briefings in our building is a great advantage
to us, and I appreiciate their willingness
to adapt. 

One other incident will remain with me
as well. Having come
from a base that was not
well organized in administering
physicals I am in awe
of how quickly things move
in that hospital on the Unit
Training Assemblies.
I sat and watched
one Saturday, and your
people did a phenomenal
job taking care of all the
932nd members. 

Of course, the Ops
group. Without the support
of your group, Col.
Kirkendall, we would not
be where we are today. When I arrived, I
needed to make some rather drastic changes
(in the eyes of the ops group), but you all went
along with the changes with faith that what I
was doing would be for the better. It is this
type of teamwork that helps all of us succeed I
view MXG/OPS relationship here at Scott as
the benchmark for all other wings. 

Thanks also goes to the current ops folks
that ensured our schedulers were involved and
worked well together to provide the best product.
Tommy and Brandon, I really appreciate
what you did for us. 

Barry, thanks for all you did to set the tone
when I arrived. You made my job easier, and I
realize how much your efforts helped. I can't
thank Bud Johnson enough. Bud, Jeff, and of
course, Tommy, let me in to their sphere, and it
was a blast. Thanks guys. I'm very happy that
most of ops group ended up in the MX building,
Col. Kirkendall, because without this close contact,
I never would have met all the pilots and
flight attendants that have made my stay here
so enjoyable. Kelly, Liz and Andrea, thank you
for making my days brighter with your enthusiasm. 

I really do mean that. You three were fun
to be around. 

To the wing staff. Cheryl, we in MX noticed
how hard you work and do appreciate it.
We always tried to help you whenever you
asked. It was our pleasure and we will continue
to support you. All you have to do is ask
Cliff and he will see it is done. Diane, I will
miss our discussions most of all. I appreciated
your candor and knew I could count on you for
a confidential ear especially when I just wanted
to vent. That was a great stress relief for me
more than you could ever know. 

Col. Flournoy, you are the right guy at the
right time for this wing, and I thank you for improving my career. 

I knew I could count on you to guide and support whatever
decision I made with regards to all the offers over the last
four months. We all need support like that, and I am very
grateful. "Stan The Man." I would not leave without thanking
you for recognizing MX people as much as you have. Staff photograpy 
and articles were great morale boosters, and I was always happy to see a maintainer in the Gateway, as long as it wasn't me. 

To my MXG compatriots. Saying thanks does not do justice
to what I owe you. I will not begin to try and thank each of
you in this article, because I would have to write a book about
all the terrific things that have occurred over the last three
years with regards to each and every member in the unit.
Maj. Greg Plank, unquestionably the smartest guy in
the group, thanks for listening and giving me the guidance I
needed whenever I got riled up. You are a great help and
role model for me as I learned to be a commander. 

Chief Geroge Elder, you are and will remain a highly
valued individual in the maintenance group until the day you
leave. No one would question your loyalty to the group, and
loyalty to the group is what I have always valued most. Thank
you Paul, you are one of a kind and always made me smile.
The rest, I expressed my gratitude to personally because I
wanted to look you all in the eye when I said thank you.
Thanks to all of the 932nd because I owe you all. 

I was asked to move because the MXG was run by a great group
of people that had the support of a brilliant wing!