AFRC senior leaders recognize USSF First Birthday

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  • By Headquarters AFRC Public Affairs

Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,

This weekend, we celebrate the birthday of the United States Space Force, which was officially established on December 20, 2019. Today, our Reserve Airmen provide direct support to the United States Space Force as both AFR Space professionals conducting operations and in vital supporting roles, embodying the new service’s foundational traits of agility and innovation. Our Space Professionals bring a unique blend of in-depth mission experience and industry best practices. Regardless of how we are integrated into the Space Force in the future, your contributions are crucial to our Nation’s success in space. Thank you for the innovative mindset you bring to the space enterprise and your continued service during this historic time!

We are proud of each of you, as you pioneer new frontiers for the Nation and our Air Force Reserve.


RICHARD W. SCOBEE                                                                  TIMOTHY C. WHITE
Lieutenant General, USAF                                                             Chief Master Sergeant, USAF
Commander                                                                                    Command Chief